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Metrics Win4156 provides modern capabilities for your HP4156 A/B/C, or HP4155 A/B/C parameter analyzer. This product provides PC-based control of the instrument which results in data being collected directly to the computer. Data can be further analyzed using the built-in plotting and parameter extraction tools.

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New Features


Security Updates
• Sentinel System Driver updated to 7.6.0, support for Windows 10 Credential Guard and Device Guard has been added.

General User Interface Improvements
• Added auto-column width for Data View spreadsheet windows.
• Updated File “Save As” dialogs to display the “Save” button instead of “Open”
• Added License # field to Help menu “About” dialog box to display current license number being read from the USB security key.
• Increased width of GPIB “Communications Log” window and increased length of log file to aid in technical support and troubleshooting communication problems.

Other Improvements / Additions
• Added additional 5 and 6 terminal BJT and MOS devices to ICS setups.
• Added support for long paths and filenames in all areas of the UI.
• Changed selection of File->Import and Export file to browse using Windows FileManager.
• Increased number of data vectors in data view to 100 vectors and 10001 points.
• Data view now only displays actual filled data vectors to support efficient scrolling of long data arrays.
• Enhanced “Sync to Excel” added to Options->Workspace settings to allow auto synchronization of data view to MS Excel worksheet.
• Multiple data views are synced to tabs in Excel workbook.

Instrument Support


Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers

HP (Agilent)4155A*Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer* supports 41501A expander with (2) MPSMU and (2) PGU or HPSMU and (2) PGU
HP (Agilent)4155B*(**)Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer** supports Flex command language
HP (Agilent)4155C*(**)Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
HP (Agilent)4156A*Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer*supports 41501B expander with (2) MPSMU and (2) PGU or HPSMU and (2) PGU
HP (Agilent)4156B*(**) Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer** supports Flex command language
HP (Agilent)4156C*(**)Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

System Requirements


2.4 GHz iCore-5 Processor (or equivalent)
Windows 10/11 Professional, 32-bit or 64-bit
500 Mbyte available for product installation, plus additional 50 GB capacity for test data
2 USB port(Security Dongle, USB->GPIB supported interfaces)
SXGA Monitor (1600 x 1200) minimum resolution

One of the following GPIB cards and the listed software:

NI GPIB-PCI NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82350 B/C Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NI GPIB-USB-HS/HS+ NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82357 B Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NOTE: Metrics Technology, Inc. does not provide GPIB hardware or software so please visit the appropriate vendor site for purchase or software driver updates.



Win4156 4.4 Getting Started Guide

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