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Metrics ICS is designed to control specialized semiconductor test and measurement instrumentation. The software provides easy setup for complex instrumentation through an interactive Microsoft Windows graphical user interface and requires no programming by the end user.


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New Features


Security Updates
• Sentinel System Driver updated to 7.6.0, support for Windows 10 Credential Guard and Device Guard has been added.

General User Interface Improvements
• Added auto-column width for Data View spreadsheet windows.
• Updated File menu “Save As”, “Save to ICV Algorithm” dialogs boxes to display the “Save” button instead of “Open”.
• Added License # field to Help menu “About” dialog box to display current license number being read from the USB security key to aid in technical support and troubleshooting.
• Increased width of GPIB “Communications Log” window and increased length of log file to aid in technical support and troubleshooting communication problems.

New Instruments / Enchancements
• Added B1514A MCSMU (Medium Current Source Measure Unit) module support for Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer.
• Added polling support for B1525A HPPGU (High Power Pulse Generator Unit) and B1530A (WGFMU) to properly display slot numbers in B1500A mainframes with these units installed. Note: There is no driver support in MTICS for these pulse generators, but will be added to MTICV Pulse Generator Library in the future.
• Enhanced B1520A MFCMU module to fully support SCCU module allowing for simple switching between IV and CV measurements.
• Enhanced Step Generator point and step calculation in TEK 370 / TEK 371 driver to set max allowed voltage.
• Enhanced KI4200 driver by adding “limited auto-range” and “fixed ranging” modes.

Other Improvements / Additions
• Added additional 5 and 6 terminal BJT and MOS devices to ICS setups.
• Added support for long paths and filenames in all areas of the UI.
• Changed selection of log file in Output Data Control to browse using Windows FileManager.
• Changed selection of File->Import and Export file to browse using Windows FileManager.
• Expanded edit control for “Prompt for User ID” in Output Data.
• Control and allow for upper/lower case characters.
• Increased number of data vectors in data view to 100 vectors and 10001 points.
• Data view now only displays actual filled data vectors to support efficient scrolling of long data arrays.
• Enhanced “Sync to Excel” added to Options->Workspace settings to allow auto synchronization of data view to MS Excel worksheet.
• Multiple data views are synced to tabs in Excel workbook.

New Instruments / Enhancements
• Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer MFCMU support in ICS driver.
• Agilent B1505A Power Semiconductor Curve Tracer (HCSMU, HVSMU, DHCSMU, MFCMU support.
• Keithley 2657A HV Source Measure Unit (multi-instrument support utilizing GPIB or LXI interface).

Instrument Support


Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers and DC Sources

HP4140BpA Meter/DC Voltage Source
HP (Agilent)4142BModular DC Source/Monitor
HP4145A/BSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
HP (Agilent)4155A/B/CSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
HP (Agilent)4156A/B/CSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
AgilentE5270B8-slot Precision Measurement Mainframe
- E5280BHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- E5281BMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
- E5286AHigh Resolution Source/Monitor Unit (HRSMU)
- E5287AAtto Level High Resolution Source/Monitor Unit
- E5288AAtto Sense and Switch Unit
Agilent5272A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent5273A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent E5260A8-slot High Speed Measurement Mainframe
- E5290AHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- E5291AMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
Agilent5262A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent5263A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
KeysightB1500ASemiconductor Device Analyzer
- B1510AHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- B1511AMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
- B1514A50us Pulse Medium Current Source/Measure Unit (MCSMU)
- B1517AHigh Resolution Source/Monitor Unit (HRSMU)
- B1520AMulti-frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit
KeysightB1505APower Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer
- B1512AHigh Current Source/Monitor (HCSMU, DHCSMU)
- B1513AHigh Voltage Source/Monitor (HVSMU)
- B1514A50us Pulse Medium Current Source/Measure Unit (MCSMU)
- N1258AModule selector
KeysightB2900APrecision Source/Measure Unit
- B2901A100 fA Single Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2902A100 fA Dual Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2911A10 fA Single Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2912A10 fA Dual Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
KeithleyModel 236*Source Measure Unit*When using more than one of these instruments together, you will need the 2361 TCU and all connectors
KeithleyModel 237*High Current Source Measure Unit
KeithleyModel 238*High Current Source Measure Unit
Keithley2400 Series*Digital Source Meter
- 2410*Digital High Voltage Source Meter
- 2420*Digital High Current Source Meter
- 2430*Digital High Power Source Meter
Keithley6430*Sub-fA Source Meter
Keithley2600A SeriesDigital Source Meter
- 2601A20W Single Channel Source Meter
- 2602A20W Dual Channel Source Meter
- 2611A200V Single Channel Source Meter
- 2612A200V Dual Channel Source Meter
- 2635A1 fA 20W Single Channel Source Meter
- 2636A1 fA 20W Dual Channel Source Meter
KeithleyModel 90I-V Semiconductor Test System
Keithley4200-SCSSemiconductor Characterization System
QualiTauDSPT9012Desktop Semiconductor Parametric Tester
TektronixTEK370Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK370ACurver Tracer
TektronixTEK370BCurve Tracer
TektronixTEK371High Power Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK371AHigh Power Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK371BHigh Power Curve Tracer

Capacitance and LCRZ Meters

HP (Agilent)4275AMulti-frequency LCR Meter10 Hz-10 MHz
HP (Agilent)4280AC-Meter/CV Plotter1 MHz
HP (Agilent)4284APrecision LCR Meter20 Hz-1 MHz
HP (Agilent)4285APrecision LCR Meter75 Hz-30 MHz
HP (Agilent)4192ALow Frequency Impedance Analyzer5 Hz-13 MHz
Keysight (Agilent)E4980APrecision LCR Meter20 Hz-2 MHz
KeithleyModel 82C-V Characterization System
KeithleyModel 590C-V Analyzer100kHz, 1MHz
KeithleyModel 595C-V Quasi-static CV Meter

System Requirements


2.4 GHz iCore-5 Processor (or equivalent)
Windows 10/11 Professional, 32-bit or 64-bit
500 Mbyte available for product installation, plus additional 50 GB capacity for test data
2 USB port (Security Dongle, USB->GPIB supported interfaces)
SXGA Monitor (1600 x 1200) minimum resolution
Ethernet – LXI (TCP/IP) interface support

One of the following GPIB cards and the listed software:

NI GPIB-PCI NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82350 B/C Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NI GPIB-USB-HS/HS+ NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82357 B Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NOTE: Metrics Technology, Inc. does not provide GPIB hardware or software so please visit the appropriate vendor site for purchase or software driver updates.



ICS 4.4 Getting Started Guide

ICS 4.4 Migration Guide

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