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ICV (I-V, C-V Characterization) Automation Software


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Metrics ICV includes support for semiconductor parameter analyzers, C-V meters, low leakage switch matrices, and full or semi-automatic probe stations. The software provides a wizard based operator test environment, test execution and sequencing along with data logging and post-analysis.



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New Features


Security Updates
• Sentinel System Driver updated to 7.6.0, support for Windows 10 Credential Guard and Device Guard has been added.

Probe Driver Improvements
• Added VBScript drivers in Metrics IDE for Micromanipulator P300L with vision support.
• Corrected probe control chuck separation/contact state management to avoid marking wafers during probe plan verification.
• General clean-up of VBScript Algorithms including issues with parameter caching.

General User Interface Improvements
• Increased line limit of Module Script Editor and Die Script Editor to 1024 lines.
• Increased default width of VBScript Editor in Metrics IDE and added keyboard accelerators for Save, Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste, Define Inputs, Outputs and Print.
• Increased the default width of VB script “Algorithm” setup wizard and added column headers explaining column content making parameter descriptions visible and easier to read.
• General clean-up of default window location coordinates for pop up wizards (i.e. execute VBScript Algorithm setup, Edit Wafer Map, Instrument polling window).
• Updated File “Save” and “Save As” dialogs to display the “Save” button instead of “Open”.
• Enhanced Runtime Reports to allow display of high precision values.
• Enhanced “System Config->Configuration Manager” by added “Output Format” and “Output Significant Digits” properties.
• Full implementation of block move of multiple selected items in module script and die script editor.
• Implemented “Stop” function in runtime status dialog during temperature testing to allow the pre-heat or temperature soak to be aborted by the user and have thermal chuck return to ambient temperature.

File Exports and File Selection
• Updated File menu “Export” to IC-CAP file for Keysight IC-CAP 2016.
• Updated export dialog to detect file type and auto select correct file format (.ICS – ICS project binary files, .DAT, .TXT – ASCII output files, and MDM – IC-CAP 2016 measured data files).
OLE Server Enhancement
• Enhanced Metrics ICV ActiveX server functionality to allow for remote execution of tests from external applications.
• Updated example “ICVCtrl.vb” – Windows Forms application to provide code template for developing custom applications (i.e. custom operator interfaces written in VB.NET or from VBA in other Microsoft products like Excel).

Prober Enhancements
• Updated “MoveChuckContact” command to support ProberBench 6 format in “pdpbench” driver for Suss PA200/PA300 stations.
• Updated “NucleusVision.svbs” driver to add additional error reporting and logging capability.
• Added auto naming for output datafile when performing full-auto probing with the “Append to single data file” if enabled. All wafer data is now written to an auto-generated data file “__Lot__MM_DD_YY_HH_MM_SS_AM?PM.dat” to store test results for multiple wafers in a wafer test run.
• Changed 0 deg slot orientation for wafer map to match auto prober map definitions. Note: This will require that older wafer map files be updated to correct orientation in existing .MAP files.
• Added OCR support for wafer Id to the TEL P8 prober driver. Now sends ‘n’ command to return wafer ID from OCR module. If OCR is not installed or supported then ‘w’ command returns slot number.
• Changed wafer flat location in Metrics Miner wafer view to coincide with changes to wafer map definition.

Other Improvements
• Faster start up time of the shell and display of navigation map.
• More responsive UI when selecting editors.
• Ability to create subdirectories for organization of probe lists and wafer maps under the \Wafermaps directory.
• Module lists can be selected from subdirectories from Navigate modules in the Die Script Editor and Probe Control dialog allowing for better organization of module information.
• Multi-select functionality added to all select list dialogs to allow for block select or move for items.
• Labels for documenting device connections in the Device Connection Editor.
• Bulk export or device connections to device connection input (.DCI) file format to allow for easier modification and transfer of switch patterns between multiple systems.
• Data file support Lot_Wafer_Date_Time information in full-auto and append to one data file are checked.
• Feature that allows appending wafer data to a single file when performing auto-probing
• Enhancement to Metrics Miner to allow loading of multiple wafers for lot analysis.
• Support for long path and filenames in ICS export file, auto-store, etc.
• Add feature in Configuration Manager to allow specifying the data output format and precision of floating point values in the ICV output data file.
• ActiveX server to allow remote execution of ICV from external application such as customer written shell in VB.NET.

Instrument Support


Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers and DC Sources

HP4140BpA Meter/DC Voltage Source
HP (Agilent)4142BModular DC Source/Monitor
HP4145A/BSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
HP (Agilent)4155A/B/CSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
HP (Agilent)4156A/B/CSemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
AgilentE5270B8-slot Precision Measurement Mainframe
- E5280BHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- E5281BMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
- E5286AHigh Resolution Source/Monitor Unit (HRSMU)
- E5287AAtto Level High Resolution Source/Monitor Unit
- E5288AAtto Sense and Switch Unit
Agilent5272A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent5273A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent E5260A8-slot High Speed Measurement Mainframe
- E5290AHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- E5291AMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
Agilent5262A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
Agilent5263A2-slot High Speed Source Monitor Unit
KeysightB1500ASemiconductor Device Analyzer
- B1510AHigh Power Source/Monitor Unit (HPSMU)
- B1511AMedium Power Source/Monitor Units (MPSMU)
- B1514A50us Pulse Medium Current Source/Measure Unit (MCSMU)
- B1517AHigh Resolution Source/Monitor Unit (HRSMU)
- B1520AMulti-frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit
KeysightB1505APower Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer
- B1512AHigh Current Source/Monitor (HCSMU, DHCSMU)
- B1513AHigh Voltage Source/Monitor (HVSMU)
- B1514A50us Pulse Medium Current Source/Measure Unit (MCSMU)
- N1258AModule selector
KeysightB2900APrecision Source/Measure Unit
- B2901A100 fA Single Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2902A100 fA Dual Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2911A10 fA Single Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
- B2912A10 fA Dual Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit
KeithleyModel 236*Source Measure Unit*When using more than one of these instruments together, you will need the 2361 TCU and all connectors
KeithleyModel 237*High Current Source Measure Unit
KeithleyModel 238*High Current Source Measure Unit
Keithley2400 Series*Digital Source Meter
- 2410*Digital High Voltage Source Meter
- 2420*Digital High Current Source Meter
- 2430*Digital High Power Source Meter
Keithley6430*Sub-fA Source Meter
Keithley2600A SeriesDigital Source Meter
- 2601A20W Single Channel Source Meter
- 2602A20W Dual Channel Source Meter
- 2611A200V Single Channel Source Meter
- 2612A200V Dual Channel Source Meter
- 2635A1 fA 20W Single Channel Source Meter
- 2636A1 fA 20W Dual Channel Source Meter
KeithleyModel 90I-V Semiconductor Test System
Keithley4200-SCSSemiconductor Characterization System
QualiTauDSPT9012Desktop Semiconductor Parametric Tester
TektronixTEK370Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK370ACurver Tracer
TektronixTEK370BCurve Tracer
TektronixTEK371High Power Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK371AHigh Power Curve Tracer
TektronixTEK371BHigh Power Curve Tracer

Capacitance and LCRZ Meters

HP (Agilent)4284A*Precision LCR Meter20 Hz-1 MHz (* supported in optional IDE - CV Algorithms)
HP (Agilent)4285A*Precision LCR Meter75 Hz-30 MHz
HP (Agilent)4294A*Impedance Analyzer40 Hz-110 MHz
Keysight (Agilent)E4980A*Precision LCR Meter20 Hz-2 MHz
Keysight (Agilent) B1520A*Multi-frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit1 kHz - 5 MHz

Switch Matrix and Multiplexers

HP4084A/4085ASwitch Matrix Controller and Matrix48-Pin
Keysight (Agilent)E5250ALow-Leakage Switch Mainframe
- E5252ALow-Current Switch Matrix Card10 input x 12 output
- E5255AMultiplexer Card2 input x 24 output
Keysight (Agilent)B2200A14ch Low-Leakage Switch Mainframe
- B2210AfA Low-Leakage Switch Module14 input x 12 output
Keysight (Agilent)B2201A14ch Low-Leakage Switch Mainframe
- B2211ALow-Leakage Switch Module14 input x 12 output
KeithleyModel 706Scanner Mainframe
KeithleyModel 707Switch Matrix Mainframe
- Model 7071General Purpose Matrix Card8 input x 12 output
- Model 7072Semiconductor Matrix Card4 input x 12 output
- Model 7072-HVHigh Voltage Semiconductor Matrix Card8 input x 12 output
- Model 7073Coaxial Matrix Card
- Model 7074General Purpose Mux Card(8) 1 input x 12 output
- Model 70752-Pole General Purpose Mux Card(8) 1 input x 12 output
- Model 7076Dual 2-Pole Mux Card(2) 4 input x 12 output
- Model 7077Isolated Coaxial Matrix Card8 input x 12 output
KeithleyModel 707ASwitch Matrix Mainframe
- Model 7172Low Current Matrix Card8 input x 12 output
- Model 7174Low Current High-Speed Matrix Card8 input x 12 output
KeithleyModel 707B*Switch Matrix Mainframe* No SCPI support - must set to IDDC compatibility mode
KeithleyModel 708Single Slot Switch Mainframe
KeithleyModel 7001Switch Control Mainframe
KeithleyModel 7002Switch Control Mainframe
MRD4x28 MuxSwitch Matrix/Mux Module4 input x 28 output

Semi-Auto and Full-Auto Probers

All stations are controlled via GPIB. Metrics software should not reside on the probe PC due to resource conflicts.
CascadeSummit 10000Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Nucleus v.4.x or Velox 2.0 Software
CascadeSummit 12000Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Nucleus v.4.x or Velox 2.0 Software
CascadeS300Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Nucleus v.4.x or Velox 2.0 Software
CascadeElite-300Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Nucleus v.4.x or Velox 2.0 Software
CascadePS-21Automatic Probe Station
Alessi (Cascade)GalaxySemi-automatic Probe Stationrequires version 5.20H
Suss Microtech (Cascade)PA200Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Prober Bench Software v.7.x
Suss Microtech (Cascade)PA300Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Prober Bench Software v.7.x
Suss Microtech (Cascade)PS200Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Prober Bench Software v.7.x
Suss Microtech (Cascade)PS300Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Prober Bench Software v.7.x
Micromanipulator8860Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires pcProbe 2.6 and pcBridge Software
Micromanipulator4460Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires NetProbe Software
Micromanipulator9920Semi-automatic Probe Stationrequires NetProbe Software
Vector SemiconductorVX-3000SVSemi-automatic Probe Station
VX-3000SV Semi-automatic Probe Station
AX-2000Semi-automatic Probe Station
Lucas SignatoneSemi-automatic Probe Stationrequires Interlink Controller and GPIB control installed
TELP-8XLAutomatic Probe Station
TELP-12XLAutomatic Probe Station
TEL19SAutomatic Probe Station
TSKA-PM-90Automatic Probe Station
AccretechUF300Automatic Probe Station
AccretechUF2000Automatic Probe Station
AccretechUF3000Automatic Probe Station
Electroglas1034Automatic Probe Stationwith Option D, GPIB Control
Electroglas2001 SeriesAutomatic Probe Stationrequires GPIB Control
Electroglas3001 SeriesAutomatic Probe Stationrequires GPIB Control
Electroglas4085Automatic Probe Station
Electroglas4090Automatic Probe Station

System Requirements


2.4 GHz iCore-5 Processor (or equivalent)
Windows 10/11 Professional, 32-bit or 64-bit
500 Mbyte available for product installation, plus additional 50 GB capacity for test data
2 USB port (Security Dongle, USB->GPIB supported interfaces)
SXGA Monitor (1600 x 1200) minimum resolution
Ethernet – LXI (TCP/IP) interface support

One of the following GPIB cards and the listed software:

NI GPIB-PCI NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82350 B/C Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NI GPIB-USB-HS/HS+ NI-488.2 Software version 20.0 or later
Keysight 82357 B Keysight IO Library Suite version 2020 or later

NOTE: Metrics Technology, Inc. does not provide GPIB hardware or software so please visit the appropriate vendor site for purchase or software driver updates.



ICV 4.4 Installation and Getting Started Guide

ICV 4.4 Migration Guide

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